Welcome to Wikiturfing

You want to make something big happen. You have no money, no backers, just some time, a web connection, and a lot of patience. This site will explain how to make big things happen using just the power of communication and organisation. Social architecture is the broader skill of helping people organise themselves in effective networks. Wikiturfing is doing this using the Internet.

How big is big?

<NO>OOXML is a great example of a wikiturf. 65,000 signatures, and a whole community rallied around a burning issue. One of my earlier experiments, CAPSoff, was a big smash in the media but without a real enemy to focus on (see 'Mission and enemy') the campaign did not create a community.

How much does it cost?

My goal when building the wikiturfing technique was to make it free. But that's idealistic. In fact you need to spend a little money, for example Euro 15 per year for a domain name, and a lot of time if your campaign takes off. The good thing is that you can start wikiturf campaigns very cheaply, so you can afford to start many, and abandon those that don't fly.

Essential tools

A wikiturfer is only as good as his/her tools. These are the essential tools I've learned to use and love for wikiturfing:

  • Gandi for domain registration and management.
  • Wikidot for free web site creation and hosting.
  • Gmail for free email access.


Gandi is a cheap, reliable, pragmatic domain registrar. Learn to use it, move all your domain names there, and you won't regret it. I use Gandi's pre-pay feature so I can order new domain names very easily. I also use Gandi to manage the DNS for all my domains, which usually means pointing them to Wikidot.com.


Wikidot is a "next generation" wiki service. You can use it to create more or less any kind of web site, mixing petitions, forums, news, comments, articles, in any way you like. It takes a day or two to learn fully, costs nothing, and gives you very good page ranking (Google results). I have twenty or thirty 150-odd Wikidot sites. Actually when I discovered Wikidot in 2006 I found it so useful I became an investor in the business, and today am CEO of the company.

A lot of the fun of a wikidot site, for wikiturfing, is that you can mix blog-style stories with petitions, articles, and other kinds of functionalit. It looks like a website, not a wiki.